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"Yasmeen" Panty (Lace w/ Contrast Elastic)

While trying to summon up some inspiration for Valentine's Day, I thought of something I once played around with in preparation for an Instagram story sale using some scrap lace. The Yasmeen panty is already a popular, reliable style. But sadly, I only have three possible base colors of lace to make it in now (black, white, and beige). So in an effort to make these options sound more exciting to my color-forward customers, I wanted to offer something a little more fun! Add a pop of color in a contrast elastic of your choice plus an optional hand-sewn silk rosette in a matching or complimentary color. You will be asked to specify these choices in drop down menus at checkout.

I originally had it in my head that I would only design and release high waisted panties, until Yasmeen came along and made me reconsider. She bridges the gap by being low waist but high rise. Meaning, although she does not come up to your natural waist, her adjustable satin elastic side straps can and do for a delicious 80s-90s supermodel look.

She is named after one of my favorite 90s supermodels, the gorgeous Pakistani/German Yasmeen Ghauri. The name itself means Jasmine flower in Arabic.


All items are handmade to order, available in sizes XS-XXXL or custom sizing if our size range does not perfectly adhere to your body shape. Please allow 2-6 weeks for your lingerie to be shipped and delivered.
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