Featuring the Rosaline and Yasmeen set, the Aurora teddy, and the Marceline bodysuit

Mitra is filthy rich.
she spent years partying in various elite social circles,

new company constantly rotating in and out of her life robbing her of her energy

her time
and most notably, her money.

as she aged, she gained clarity.
she became aware of the thieves conniving to control her.

one day, it occurred to Mitra:
why have a collection of fake friends and fake lovers,

desperate to take advantage of me when rather,

I can have fake friends who give me life?

she opened her eyes and closed her pockets. she elected to retreat.

away from the bottom feeders
and the starfuckers

isolating herself from the life she once knew and the scene she once ruled

she splurged on a one-time purchase

and built a family

fake friends that,

she could control

Starring: Mitra Jouhari
Director: Shana Gohd
DP: Seannie Bryan
Editor: Taylor Currie
Song: Teeth by Kat James