For my sophomore collection, I decided to reinvent pieces of lingerie directly inspired by various vintage styles spanning from the 19th century through the 1980s.

In design, recycling is standard. Everything new comes from something preceding. The key is to avoid plagiarism, and instead simply pay homage in a unique and personal way.

Deciding what to name a collection revolving around metamorphosis, of style and of evoked feeling, was a bit of a challenge. There are countless names and things that represent rebirth, but I ultimately decided on the Sanskrit word for reincarnation. Samsara is a beautiful word for an inevitable part of nature, and consequently of the fashion industry. Besides the obvious point playing into the concept of reinvented styles, I consider it part of the bigger point I hope to achieve with my lingerie as a whole.

To stimulate a new pattern of consuming by choosing small businesses over fast fashion retailers more often if not entirely. To stimulate a new pattern of self-love by choosing comfortably sexy lingerie and loungewear over old, grubby sweats.