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"Odelia" Tap Shorts

Odelia shares the same skirty, high waist shape as her cousin Odette, but in a light mesh perfect for the warm spring and summer months. She features the same adjustable side straps for a customizable fit, but exchanges the center front o-ring for an optional silk rosette embellishment in one of the six colors of your choice. When paired with her sister Shireen, they make for a perfectly coquettish pajama set. (P.S. She's also even a great choice for a swimwear cover up! You could even wear her under water!)

Odelia is a derivative of the name Odile, the "black swan" to Odette in Swan Lake. It means "little wealthy one".


All items are handmade to order, available in sizes XS-XXXL or custom sizing if our size range does not perfectly adhere to your body shape. Please allow 2-6 weeks for your lingerie to be shipped and delivered.