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"Margaretha" Thigh Garter

This Nouvelle Femme pocket thigh harness is something I've wanted to make for women for a very long time. As one who wears a lot of skirts and dresses, and also likes to carry weapons of self-defense, this was something I could never find but always wanted to wear. Hearkening back to my lifelong love for and fascination with femme fatales, I always fantasized about having a sexy but functional thigh garter to carry my knife or taser in that was easily accessible. Of course, I made this lace pocket large and secure enough that it may hold a phone, a small wallet, or whatever other items you may need to hold close without a purse. It features adjustable satin elastic straps around the thigh, a vertical garter strap, and the waist belt it connects to. Her standout features are not only the Nouvelle Femme lace pocket, but the deviantly placed garter grips as closures.

She is named after the one and only, Margaretha Zelle- better known as Mata Hari, the Dutch exotic dancer and spy. Her slinky and stealthy behavior created a specific archetype for dangerous women in media, and I wanted to honor her nerve with a piece that evokes that same eroticism and menace.

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