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"Bunny" Bag

Many of you asked, so I finally delivered. The infamous bunny bag I made for one of my best friend's (@covertbehavior - check her out) birthdays is now officially a made-to-order item! Despite being an adult woman I still have an undying love for stuffed animals. One of the more unique ones I used to cherish were the elusive stuffed animal backpacks. How could you resist an excuse to carry one around with you everywhere? Then a few years ago I found an insane little vinyl dachshund purse at a vintage store in LA and my love for plushie bags grew even more, and in an inspired way. I've seen the Thom Browne versions and the upcycled old toy versions and I just wanted to make my own! I've already started working on samples of new animals in different fabrics but, Bunny is where it all began so she's the first one to make it on here.

Some details: the original pattern was purchased from the Etsy shop @XanthePatterns. She allows the resale of products used with her pattern. I altered the pattern myself to add the back pocket with lining and a zipper, and of course the bag strap contraptions. The height of this bag is approx 10 1/2". The back pocket is completely hand sewn, so be somewhat gentle when opening and closing. The pocket itself is only about 4" tall, and maybe 2 1/2-3" deep. It's not big enough for a phone but it will fit credit cards/IDs, cash, lipstick/makeup, crystals, drugs of many sorts, snacks/gum, etc. It's meant to be more of a statement bag that can carry some essentials and start many conversations.

There are currently three main fabric offerings. Black faux leather, green flannel plaid, and black and white cotton/poly gingham. The lining for the ears and the pocket is either pink (for the pleather and gingham) or green (for the plaid) silk, but if you'd like to customize it with different color silks or different fabrics all together please don't hesitate to email me. I love and welcome customizations, but be aware some will cost extra.

As shown in the pictures, you have two options for detachable straps: 1) handbag-style faux leather strap that doubles as a choker on the bag, 2) shoulder bag style faux leather strap that connects with lobster claws to o-rings sewn into the back neck and bottom of the bags. I can make a backpack style and I can also make silver-tone chain straps if you request it via email first, but these both have additional costs.


This item, like everything else, is handmade to order by me. Because of the more laborious nature of this product, please allow 3-6 weeks for your bag to be shipped and delivered.
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