One of my favorite novellas (and movies) is Joseph Kessel's "Belle de Jour". That name itself is a play on the French term for a sex worker, "belle de nuit", because the main character works at a brothel in the daytime. I'm a night person myself, and I design lingerie, so I flipped it back to the Nuit. All the same, a huge theme in my life and my brand is dualities. I love contradictions and balance. Women are complex and multifaceted, and never fit into a singularly defining box. We can be both wholesome and salacious, analytical and uninhibited, obedient and emphatic, light and dark. The name is meant to evoke a conviction and intimacy within yourself, and the lingerie does the rest.


Portrait by Hannah Escobar

Phat Pussy Panty mascot by Hannah Escobar


I'm Celina, and I’m the Iranian/Ashkenazi Jewish girl behind the cat mask. I’ve been obsessed with lingerie and the cultures related to it since I was a teen. Before I got into lingerie, I was enamored with the styles worn by Audrey Hepburn, introduced to me by my grandma. I never let go of my rooted love of elegant old Hollywood glamour, but not soon after I found connection with smutty pin-up glamour and in particular, Bettie Page. Two women who looked different, dressed different, held themselves different, but neither inspirited me more or less. Only one example of the many dualities and contradictions I encountered in my personality and my interests growing up. I loved refined things as much as I loved obscene things, and I knew fashion was the best outlet for me to embrace both my light and my dark.